You can see your ad boost rate when you click on the Boost button to boost your rent.
Ad boosts are an additional perk on top of base virtual rent and are calculated based on how many parcels a player owns. Boost rates are designed to be flexible to ensure the game remains sustainable for all players. We want all players to be able to collect their base rent, and boosts are a bonus on top of that. As such, players may see adjustments in boost rates as virtual rent increases. Check the charts below to see ad boost rates for your country based on parcel count. 

If you are outside either of these two countries, your boost will be different than what is on either chart.
The charts above assume the weighted average distribution odds of rarity. A player with higher rare, epic, or legendary parcels may make more than the yearly rate listed. The new system does not penalize players if they have higher rarity parcels and only accounts for total parcels. The Event Boost assumes a 50X Super Rent Boost event once a month for a 24 hour period per month. Our intention is to host Super Rent Boosts more regularly than once a month, so this rate is also a visualized minimum.