Players can purchase Atlas Bucks in the game shop.
Players can collect Atlas Bucks for free the following ways:
  • Connecting a phone number
  • Enabling text messaging
  • Free shop ads
  • Activating a merchant mission and making a purchase with a participating merchant using a connected credit card
  • Collecting diamonds for the diamond hunt and spinning the prize wheel in the Hunt tab
  • Referral rewards
  • Collecting rewards by booking hotels through Atlas Travel
  • Playing games in the Arcade
  • Completing surveys in Surveys for Bucks
Players can also convert $1 of accrued virtual rent into 25 Atlas Bucks by clicking on the virtual rent total and selecting the conversion option. And, players can buy Atlas Bucks at a discounted price on our webapp
Please note: Free shop ads offer different numbers of Atlas Bucks per ad depending on the country the player is in when they click to start the ad (2AB per ad in the USA, 1AB per ad in other countries). Also,  if you are not able to watch any ads, please ensure you do not have any sort of ad-blocking application running while playing Atlas Earth.