Parcel rarities indicate the base rate of virtual rent per second for each parcel. Rarities are randomly assigned when you purchase a parcel and are not predetermined. Rarer parcels generate more virtual rent per second, and more common parcels generate less.

Parcels also have unique levels of foliage that correspond to their rarities. Rarer parcels have more foliage, and more common parcels have less foliage.

You can see parcel rarity details by clicking the '?' button next to the common rent listed on the Buy Land screen or by clicking on the '?' button in the upper right corner of your parcel breakdown in your game profile.

The virtual rent rates are as follows:
  • Common: $0.0000000011 per second
  • Rare: $0.0000000016 per second
  • Epic: $0.0000000022 per second
  • Legendary: $0.0000000044 per second