Minigame events are structured as tournaments, with a growing Atlas Bucks pot per country based on participation that is divided between the winners at the end. The starting pot is provided by a sponsor. Each game started adds Atlas Bucks to the pot (either 2 or 3 per round, subject to event-specific balancing). At the end of the event, the pot is divided and the winners receive their prizes.

Prizes are distributed based on number of wins over the course of the entire event. The top 500-1000 players in the country (subject to balancing) and the top 25 players in each state and territory will receive prizes. The size of each player's prize will depend on their rank on the national or state leaderboard. First, second, and third place each receive different cuts of the pot, and from then on prizes are distributed on a bracket basis (the bracket of players between fourth and 25th place on the national leaderboard, for example, will all win the same number of Atlas Bucks). 

If there is a case where several players have the same number of wins, the tie will go to whichever player got to that number of wins first.

After the event ends, all players will receive a pop-up in-game with information on where they ranked on both their national and state leaderboards, and how many Atlas Bucks they won. The latest this will typically happen is the morning after the event- usually it will be within a couple of hours of the event ending.

Please note: each country has its own leaderboard, and therefore its own prize pot.